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Dried malt extract, wheat, 500 g

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Dry malt extract, for seasoning in the bottling, it can be easily weigh in desired amounts (about 12 g / liter of beer) and is then dissolved for better dosage in water or beer and either in the fermentation vat directly before bottling or after bottling in given the bottle (no disposable bottles, careful foaming!)

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Malt Extract Powder Muntons Wheat EBC 12
Goes well with all classic wheat beers. For a fuller and richer taste. Especially useful when brewing German wheat beers and as an aid to foam resistance in normal beers.
What is a malt extract?
A malt extract is literally an extract of malt. Mashing has already taken place. If you brew beer with malt extract, you do not have to mash everything, you only have to cook hops. This method of brewing is used by many homebrewers in America; the so-called mini-mash method. However, it has to be considered that one kilo of barley malt does not contain as much sugar as one kilo of malt extract.

1 kg of malt extract powdered = 1.60 kg malt
1 kg of barley malt = 0.62 kg of malt extract in powder form
1 kg of malt extract liquid = 0.80 kg of malt extract in powder form
1 kg malt extract liquid = 1.30 kg malt

Use of malt extract as yeast starter:
Dissolve 100 g of malt extract in powder form in 800 ml of water. Boil for 5 minutes, allow to cool to 20-25 ° C, pour into a sterile Erlenmeyer flask or sterile siphon bottle and finally add the yeast.

The use of spray-dried malt extracts instead of sugar also improves the quality of every beer kit. This brews beers that are less "dry" and richer and more full-bodied with improved foaming and firmness. Spray-dried hops-malt extracts give all the beers you brew an extra "hoppy" taste.

Malt extract in powder form is hygroscopic; So it attracts moisture. Store it in a cool and above all dry place. Opened packaging must be as evacuated as possible and be well closed.

Suggested use:

1. Half of the sugar is replaced with the malt extract: ½ kg of sugar plus ½ kg of spray-dried malt extract. This works for every Bierkit recipe that adds 1 kg of sugar. This recipe will significantly improve the overall quality and taste of your beer.

2. Exchange 2 packs of 500 G spray-dried malt extract against the total amount of sugar recommended in the Bierkit recipe. Note: This recipe requires you to use Munton's Premium Gold Yeast as you brew a particularly rich and full-bodied beer that requires the improved fermentation properties of Munton's Premium Gold Yeast. Simply replace 1 kg of sugar from the Bierkit recipe with 2 packs of spray-dried malt extract. You brew beer of the highest quality and turn every standard beer kit into a premium beer kit with a particularly high malt content.

3. For each standard recipe, add one pack of spray-dried malt extract in addition to the 1 kg of sugar specified in the basic recipe of the beer kit. This not only enhances the malt flavor, but also brews a stronger beer without destroying the natural properties of the beer. The brewed beer is about 20% stronger than the standard recipe.

Whatever recipe you use, you can be sure that you brew a better beer easily and economically than with any standard kit.

Contents: 500,00 g
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