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Beeryeast WYEAST 3787 High Gravity 125 ml

Item number: 90013787-XL

This strain produces intense esters and phenolic characteristics with complex fruitiness. Doesn?t produce a significant amount of banana or bubble gum esters. Phenol and ester production are influenced by fermentation temperatures. Phenols tend to dissipate as beer matures. Ferment to dryness with good alcohol tolerance approximately 11-12 % ABV. True top cropping yeast with broad temperature range. Flocculation: medium. Apparent attenuation: 74-78 %. Fermentation temperature: 18-25 °C.Store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. To directly inoculate up to 40 liters of wort.Start the yeast after storage in the refrigerator by squeezing the bag and then leave it at room temperature for a few hours until the bag has bloated, then add it to the not too hot brew. With German instructions, very easy to handle.
Yeasts are live cultures in sealed packages, we can not take the risk of transporting, cooling, starting and activity, and therefore is always responsability of the customer. On warm days, we recommend shipping in thermo packs with cool packs, which can be ordered as well.

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